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Local licensing authority for Lowestoft is East Suffolk

Crown brewery

Crown Street

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Founded by Henry Morse (as Bell Lane Brewery) in 1842; located in a former porcelain factory where manufacture of the rare and acclaimed Lowestoft Porcelain had ceased by about 1802.

Frederick Morse (Bell Lane brewery) is listed in 1855.

In 1865 Morse & Woods are listed as brewers in Crown St (after the street name was changed)

Listed in Crown St in 1868

In 1912 E & G (Edgar and Gilbert) Morse are listed as maltsters, brewers & wine & spirit merchants (Crown st)

In 1936 it was taken over by Morgans of Norwich and closed.

The brewery appears on the 1905 OS map, clearly (as can be seen today) running all the way between Crown St and Factory St.

Crown brewery on the 1905 OS map