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Hope brewery

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Sep 1840 states :

To be sold by auction, at the Hope Brewery, Westgate Street, Bury, by instructions of the proprietor, Mr Everard, at the Suffolk Hotel, Bury, who is declining the brewing business, 4000 gallons of very superior strong beer, 10 pockets of fine Kent hops, a capital brewing plant for 12 coombs, fitted up at an unspared for expense, and new within 2 years, comprising of an excellent 14 barrel copper, cooler, liquor and wort lead pumps, copper hop strainer, stout built, sweet, and well seasoned beer casks, from 200 to 1800 gallons each, 39 beer pipes, hogsheads, barrels, and other sized casks, in an excellent state preservation, working troughs, tubs, barrows, pullies, etc.
(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)