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Walton is part of Felixstowe parish.

Population (2011) of Felixstowe parish: 23 689.

Local licensing authority for Walton is East Suffolk.

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About Walton

Walton is a large, mainly residential area just to the west of Felixstowe. Formerly a separate parish, it merged with Felixstowe in 1895. The settlement is bounded by the old Victorian style High Street area towards the north and the modern container port to the south. Walton was recorded in Domesday as "Waletuna".

We have yet to find a definitive map showing the boundary between Walton and Felixstowe and there's a fair degree of disagreement as to what is really in which settlement. For example, the Owl & the Pussycat, which we list in Walton, has been claimed for Felixstowe, and the Ordnance, which we list in Felixstowe, has been listed in Walton.