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Population (2011) of Newbourne: 304.

Local licensing authority for Newbourne is East Suffolk.

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About Newbourne

This village is located on the southern side of river Deben and contains many small farmsteads; these are former Land Settlement Association holdings.

A Land Settlement Association was formed in 1934 to provide employment on the land for unemployed industrial workers from depressed urban areas. Successful applicants received agricultural training and each family was given 5 acres to cultivate plus livestock to rear. The small holdings were run as a co-operative, but like other similar communities it eventually failed when the men complained of the long hours, low pay and the isolation of rural life. Recruitment to the scheme ceased at the outbreak of World World War II. The settlements were dissolved and privatised in 1983.

Newbourne Springs was used as a source of water for the surrounding district. Today Anglian Water supplies much of the water used in this area and the old pumping station has since been converted into a visitors centre for a nature reserve.

The Newbourne Giants, George & Meadows Page (7' 7" (2.3m) tall) became minor celebrities in the 19th century when they toured with Samuel Whiting's Travelling Show. Their home, known as the Giants' House, is near the Fox. Their graves can be found in the churchyard.