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Closed brewery (post-1970)

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Wangford is part of Wangford with Henham parish.

Population (2011) of Wangford with Henham parish: 591.

Local licensing authority for Wangford is East Suffolk.

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About Wangford

Set just off the A12 and overlooking marshes to the east, this village contains the remains of a medieval Priory, once run by one of the few cells of Cluniac monks in the county. Millfields marks the location of a windmill believed to have burnt down in 1928. At one time, Wangford was one of the most important settlements in the area; a fact attested to by the grand-looking old Post Office (see gallery).

Wangford was recorded in Domesday as "Wamforda" or "Wankeforda".

A smaller village of the same name near Brandon may sometimes be confused with this one.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record

(** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)