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Ancient pubs are defined as those which are believed to have closed before the middle of the 19th century.

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Population (2011) of Palgrave: 905.

Local licensing authority for Palgrave is Mid Suffolk.

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About Palgrave

A wide green, planted with avenues of trees, forms the main village street which has been by-passed by the A143 since 1995. Palgrave was recorded in Domesday variously as "Paggrava", "Pagrava" and "Palegrava". John Speed's 1610 map shows the village as "Palgraue".

Anna Laetitia Barbauld (1743-1825) nee Aikin (daughter of John Aikin of the Warrington Academy) married Rev. Rochemont Barbauld in 1774 and subsequently taught in the village (1774-87) and corresponded with Elizabeth Montagu, Dr. Johnson, Richardson, Joseph Johnson, Joanna Baillie, Hannah More, and Fanny Burney. She early developed a reputation as a poet and reviewed fiction for the Monthly Review (1809-1815) and edited the British Novelists in 50 volumes (1810). Among her pupils were William Roscoe and William Taylor of Norwich. Her husband committed suicide in 1808.