About this site

Welcome to the Suffolk Real Ale Guide, brought to you by the local branches of the Campaign for Real Ale. On this site you will find information about every pub in our county, although naturally we are more interested in the pubs which sell Real Ale so they are covered in more detail than those which only sell fizzy rubbish. We also include a small number of selected shops where you will be able to buy bottles of craft-brewed Suffolk ales to savour when you can't get to the pub.

We also include public transport information (bus routes and nearby stations) to help you get to pubs without driving, as well as a page of useful local public transport links. And for visitors to our county, we have a page containing some useful tourism-related links, including links to many Suffolk museums.

For historical interest, we also include as much information as we have about nearly 2400 closed pubs; we have an ongoing research project to document as much as possible about Suffolk's pub heritage.

Unlike most online "pub guides" this isn't just a list of pubs copied from the 'phone book with an invitation for its visitors to fill in the details. And it doesn't list pubs as open when they closed or changed their names years ago. Instead it's a guide compiled by local CAMRA members who have visited each pub and reported what beers and facilities it offers. If we haven't checked a pub recently, we're honest enough to tell you we might be a bit out of date and importantly, we tell you when we last checked its opening hours. And with roughly 1500 CAMRA members around the county who can report back on changes, we hope to offer the most up-to-date and accurate guide possible. What's more, we even have photographs of all the pubs, something no other guide can offer.

Each pub's page includes information about its facilities along with photographs and an interactive map which shows its location along with the other pubs in the same town or village. If there's a railway station in the area, this is shown on the map as well. (Interactive maps and several other features need a modern browser with Javascript enabled, but this site should still be usable without, though you'll definitely get a better experience with.)

You will also find details of all of the county's breweries, with up-to-date lists of the beers they brew (courtesy of Beermad.)

We are always interested in photographs of Suffolk pubs and breweries that have closed and any other historical information. If you have anything you are willing to share please contact Nigel Smith. Full credit will, of course, be given for anything we publish.

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