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Important Covid information

The first tranche of pubs (those able to serve outdoors) have now been allowed to reopen. The rest of our pubs may be permitted to reopen from May 17th.

Pubs providing takeaways continue to be listed on this page.

Those known to have reopened or to be planning to reopen as soon as permitted are listed on this page.

Many of Suffolk's country pubs can be hard to find unless you know where they are. For example, according to entertainer Doc Cox, the Cratfield Poacher (sadly now closed) was "so hard to find that when I get within a couple of miles, the lady on my sat-nav starts crying". Even town pubs can be hidden away in back-streets where you may not easily find them. So local member Tony Green has created this Android app to easily help you find any pub within Suffolk.

Our Real Ale Pub Finder plots on a map all the pubs near you that sell Real Ale. Tapping on any map icon provides more information, including the pub's name and address, and more information about the pub, including a photograph. You can also get GPS directions to get you to the pub.

You can also tag pubs you've visited (they then appear on the map with a tick), as well as rating them and adding your own notes about them.

Unfortunately, Apple's policies make it impossible to create iPhone apps without buying over-priced Apple computers, so Tony will not be able to create similar IOS apps.

Install the Real Ale Pub Finder from Google Play

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The Lost Pubs of Suffolk works in the same way as the pub finder, except that it shows every former Suffolk pub which we've managed to positively locate - at the time of writing, nearly 2100 of the 2500-odd known former pubs. This app is ideal if you have an interest in Suffolk's rich pub history.

Install the Lost Pubs of Suffolk from Google Play

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