Price, John

Price, John

Silver St, Kedington

John Price operated Kedington brewery in the mid-19th century and is recorded as a brewer and maltster in 1844 and 1855 White's directories. The brewery once had two maltings, 19 pubs and a capacity of 3000 barrels per year.

In 1861 census:

Ann Price (visitor)/63y/Retired, brewers widow/ Belchamp St Pauls, Essex at Mill Lane, Lane House

John Price/32y/Farmer, brewer & maltster 100 acres Kedington at Village with Susan Price/wife/23y/Stoke

In 1865 John Price & co is listed as a brewer.

A local painting (see images) dated 1915 shows both the Bell pub sign and the brewery - which was located just behind Skilton's shop.

John Price was a local farmer who owned the property where the brewery stood as well as two of the pubs (Bell and Barnadiston Arms.

It may that John Price bought the old Barnardiston estate, where there was a brewing tradition in the family.

John Price sold the brewery and its estate in 1883:

Bury & Norwich Post** on July 3rd 1883

Kedington Brewery Estate for sale. 2 maltings (of 30 & 18 coomb steep) and 19 fully licenced Inns and Beerhouses. On the instructions of the executors of the late John Price. At the Bell Hotel, Haverhill, on the 13th July 1883.
Kedington brewery-White Horse, Kedington-Barnardiston Arms, Kedington- Wheeelrs Arms, Steeple Bumstead-The Plough, Hemstead-One Bell, Tilbury- Kicking Donkey, Ovington-Wagon and Horses, Clare-The Lion, Clare-White Hart, Chilton[Street]-Thatchers Arms, Hundon-Crown, Denston-Three Tuns, Bradley-Red Lion, Kirtling-Marquis of Granby, Woodditton-Crown, Great Bradley-The " Shant" beerhouse, Horseheath-Beerhouse at Withersfield-Butchers Arms, Castle Hedingham.

From the particulars of the sale:

LOT 1.
With capital Family Residence, a small Farmery in the rear, 2 Maltings of 30 and 18-coomb Steep, respectively, Clerk's and Traveller's Dwelling houses, a Grocer's and Draper's Shop, Paddock, Gardens, and Orchard.
THE HOUSE, which is commodious and well-appointed, is pleasantly situated, standing back from the street, and enclosed from the high road by an ornamental Iron Palisade, shaded by Lime trees, and contains Entrance Hall, Dining Room, 22 ft. 6 in. by 18 ft., Drawing Room, Breakfast Room, front and Back Kitchens, Scullery, Wash-house, Store Room, Pantry, Dairy, Wine and Beer Cellars, 6 Bed Rooms, and 4 Attics.
There is a SMALL CONSERVA'T'ORY adjoining the House, and a well-kept and tastefully arranged Flower Garden and Lawn.
Which is Timber-built and Tiled, comprises an Eight-quarter and Two-quarter flash Brewing Plant with Four-horse-power Engine, and other modern Machinery and Appliances, specially adapted to the requirements of a Brewery of these dimensions ; and include Malt Machine, Sack Tackle, Pumps.
The Fermenting Rooms, Engine Room, Working Cellars, Eight Beer Stores, and Malt Chamber, are capitally arranged in their respective order, and adjoining or near are Spirit Stores, Coal House, and a Brick Building, 80 feet long, comprising a four-stall Nag Stable, Carriage House with Malt Chamber over, Chaise House, Slated Van Shed, and a Paved Yard. Also Barrel Stores, Dray-horse Stable, for four horses, Chaff-house, and Open Shed.

The brewery later came into the possession of Thomas Jenner (London). It was kept on when Jenner sold the 19 pubs to Greene King in 1887 and turned the site into a bacon factory. Frank Sainsbury bought most of the former Barnardiston site properties in 1903.

(information courtesy of John Pelling - who is currently compiling Kedington's Heritage from where the photos were obtained - and also Peter Rowlinson)

(** report reproduced with kind permission from Foxearth & District Local History Society)

Details of pub premises belonging to The Kedington Brewery Estate sold, along with the brewery buildings, by auction 13 July 1883.

(Original source of documentation - Suffolk Records Office - transcribed by Graham Nunn).

The following descriptions are of the Suffolk pubs included in the 1883 sale.

Chilton Street
The White Hart
Situated in the centre of the hamlet, abutting the high road from Clare to Bury.
The House - which has lately been rebuilt - contains: Cellar, Bar, Bar-Parlour Tap Room, Front Parlour, Kitchen, Club Room and 3 Bedrooms.
The outbuildings comprise: A long range of Builder’s Workshops, Piggeries, Fowl-house, Stable, Chaise-house, Coal-store Garden and Paddock of one acre pasture land.
Let to Mr. Frederick Sargent.
The Lion Inn
Situated in Bridewell or Callis Street.
The House contains: Cellar, Tap Room, Keeping Room, small Parlour, 3 Bedrooms, Bake-Office and Store-Room.
The outbuildings comprise: Stables, long Pin Shed, Coal and Wood-houses, Piggeries, Large Garden and Yard, approached from the high road by folding gates.
Occupied by Mrs. Newman.
The Crown
On the road leading from Clare to Newmarket.
The House contains: Tap room, Parlour, Pantry, Cellar, Bar, Shop and 3 Bed Rooms.
The Out-buildings comprise: Stable, Piggeries, Pin Shed and Paddock of 1 acre of pasture land.
Let to Mr. Coote.
Great Bradley
The Crown
Roadside Inn, situate at the Newmarket entrance to Great Bradley.
The House contains: Tap room, Parlour, Back Kitchen, Cellar, Pantry, Club room and outbuildings.
Let to Mrs. Richardson.
[Footnote: Also sold with the Inn were a Blacksmiths shop, Dwelling House and cottage; the four buildings “forming a compact property in a square block”]
The Three Tuns
Bradley East Green, on the roadside leading from Bradley to Bury.
The House contains: Tap room, Kitchen, Cellar, General Shop and 3 Bed Rooms
The Out-buildings comprise: Stabling, Barn and Piggeries and Enclosure of one acre of arable land.
Let to Mr. Charles Smith.
The Barnardiston Head
Highway leading to Hundon.
The House contains: Tap room, Parlour, Bar, Bar-Parlour, Kitchen, Cellar and 3 Bedrooms.
At the Rear: A small convenient Homestead comprising a timber-built and thatched Barn, Cow Shed, Table, Piggeries, and Slaughter House, an Orchard and 5 acres of arable land.
Occuped by Mr. Hezekiah Choat.
The Barnardison Arms
Substantially built with a stuccoed front and slated roof of recent construction.
The House contains: Cellars for wines, spirits and beer, Tap-room, spacious Bar, large Parlour, Commercial Room, Billiard Room, Kitchen and 6 Bedrooms.
The outbuildings comprise: Butcher’s shop, Chaise-house and Laundry with chamber above, 2 stables, long Pin Shed, Piggeries and Barn.
At the rear is a small Paddock and Kitchen Garden.
The White Horse
Situate at the Newmarket entrance to the Village.
The House contains: Tap room, Bar, Bar-Parlour, Kitchen, Cellar and 4 Bedrooms.
The Out-buildings comprise: a double Tenement, part of which has been converted into a Smith’s Shop; with 2 Forges; and a large Assembly Room, used by a Benefit Club and for other gatherings. There is also a long Pin shed and Garden.
Occupied by Mr. William Deeks.
The Thatcher’s Arms
In-door Beer-House.
The House contains: Tap room, Parlour, Passage, Cellar, Grocer’s Shop, Bake-Office, Dairy and 3 Bed Rooms.
The Out-buildings comprise: a large Barn, timber-built and thatched Stable, Cowhouse and Piggeries. 4 acres of pasture.
Occupied by Mr. Thomas Fitch.
In-Door Beer-House ***
Abutting the high road, leading from Haverhil to Thurlow.
The House contains: Tap room, Keeping Room, Parlour, Back Kitchen, Cellar, Pantry and 5 Bed Rooms.
The Out-buildings comprise: Stable, 2 Cart Sheds and Piggeries and gardens front and rear with fruit trees.
Let to Mr. Stephen Cornell.

[***Footnote: although not named in this sales document this Public House appears later named the Fox and with the same landlord]