Bird, John

Green Farm, Westerfield

Westerfield Brewery was founded and operated by John Bird from 1883. It stood on the road to Witnesham.

The 1888 Kellys Directory lists John Bird as a brewer.

An advert in the Ipswich Journal** in Feb 1895 states that :

Ales and Stout! Bird's Genuine Home-brewed.
Why not try it?
XXXX Strong Ale and Double Stout, 18galls 23s, 9galls 11s 6d, 4.5galls 5s 9d
XXX Ale, AK (Bitter Ale), and Stout, 18galls 17s, 9galls 7s 6d, 4.5galls 4s 3d
Bottled Ale and Stout (Screw stoppers, Imp. Pints)
KK (Strong Ale and extra Double Stout) 2s 6d per dozen
K Ale (Special) 2s per dozen
Net cash on delivery.
Westerfield Brewery, near Ipswich.

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)

Mr John Bird, of the Westerfield Brewery, writes respecting the annoyance which recently caused by boys throwing snowballs. During the late frosts his two little girls, who attend the Middle School, were frequently annoyed by boys throwing snowballs at them, attempting to push them off the path, and even using obscene language towards them. Moreover, the boys frequently throw snowballs at Mr Bird’s girls as they are driven to school in a pony and trap.Ipswich Journal, Mar 1895**

The 1900 Kellys Directory lists John Bird as a brewer, spirit & coal merchant at Westerfield brewery.

Registered as John Bird & Co Ltd in 1903.

Acquired by James P Rann from George H Castle in 1908 with both trading as John Bird & Co.

The 1912 Kellys Directory lists John Bird & Co as brewers & wine & spirit merchants with JP Rann as priprietor.

Brewery was sold in 1915.

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