Gayfer, Samuel

, Southwold

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Mar 1845 states :

Southwold Brewery, Gayfer and Woodley, beg to announce that, in addition to the Brewery and Maltings at Southwold, they have taken the Yoxford office, where they intend to carry on with the malting and retail corn trade in all its branches; and most respectably solicit the support of their friends and neighbourhood.

ote. A fine cargo of Scotch Oats, just landed at Southwold and Walberswick, to be disposed of, on the most reasonable terms.

In 1855 White's Directory Samuel Gayfer is listed as a brewer, malster, corn miller & coal merchant

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in May 1855 states :

By the instructions from the Executors of the late Mr Samuel Gayfer, deceased, to be sold by auction in seven lots.
Lot 1. The Brewery at Southwold, Suffolk, a recently erected and substantial building, with white brick fronts, and slated roofs; comprising, brew house, pump room, two stone cellar, hop room, two counting rooms, brewer's cottage, an enclosed yard, with free right of passage at all times, with or without horse, cart, or carriages, to and from the said premises over ground at or near the back gate of the Old Swan yard.
Lot 2. The home malting and trade premises, consisting of a substantial brick built malt house, with 20 coomb steep, cemented working floor, with 2 barley chambers above, kiln house and kiln, cinder house, mill house, grinding room, and malt chamber with 2 malt mills and horse works; a newly built brick and tile cottage, with yard and detached wash house; six stalled stable with hay loft above, harness house, two loose boxes, and stable yard, tiled coal bin and cart shed, with spacious yard, including the ground on the north west side forming part of the carriageway from the High Street to the Common. The owners and occupiers of this lot are to have a right of carriage, horse, and footway to and from the Common through the road on the north west side of this lot.
Lot 3. The Swan, at Wangford, situated in the centre of the village, and now occupied by Mr W Newberry.
Lot 4. The Hare and Hounds, Framlingham, in the occupation of Mr W Burrows.
Lot 5. The Volunteer, Saxtead, situated on the Green, and directly in front of the highway road leading from Framlingham to Earl Soham, and now occupied by Mr W Cook.
Lot 6. A cottage in two tenements with a piece of excellent pasture land, adjoining lot 5, now in the occupation of Mr W Cooke.
Lot 7. A cottage in two tenements and a piece of productive arable land adjoining lots 5 and 6, in the occupation of Mr W Cook.

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)