Oliver Brothers

Cornard Rd, Sudbury

The Sudbury brewery was founded 1873.

Listed in the 1874 White's Suffolk Trades Directory as being operated by Oliver & Son.

The 1892 Kelly's Directory lists them as Oliver Brothers. Also listed at Bury.

1874 White's Directory: Oliver & Son as brewers & wine & spirit merchants (Cornard rd)

1891 Census: Edward Oliver, Brewer, The Brewery House, Cornard Rd., Head/Married/33/born Bury St Edmunds.

The 1900 Kelly's Directory lists Oliver Brothers as brewers & maltsters at Sudbury brewery (Cornard rd)

1911 Census: Edward Oliver, Brewer, Brewery House, Cornard Rd., Head/Married/53/born Bury St Edmunds.

The 1912 Kelly's Directory lists Oliver Brothers as brewers & ale & stout bottlers at Sudbury brewery (Cornard rd)

1916 Kelly's Directory: Oliver Brothers, brewers & ale & stout bottlers, Sudbury Brewer (Cornard Rd.)

Acquired by Greene King & Sons Ltd in 1919 (with 51 public houses)

The 1922 Kelly's Directory lists Greene King & Sons as brewers, wine & spirit merchants & mineral water manufacturers at Sudbury brewery (Cornard rd)

Brewing ceased in 1932.