Rougham Airfield, Rougham IP30 9LZ

Founded 1999 in Thurston. Moved to Rougham in 2003 after a short hiatus when brewing was done using spare capacity at other local breweries.

The brewery was signposted from the A14. There was a brewery shop stocking beers from EAB and brewers who traded with Bartram's, as well as a range of international specialist beers. All beers were said to be produced using organic ingredients, although the brewery was not registered with the Soil Association so could not describe the beers as "Organic".

There was a Bartram's brewery between 1894 and 1902 run by Captain Bill Bartram and a recreation of his image graced the pump clips. Beers were available in selected local pubs and there was a large amount of trade through local farmers' markets.

All dark cask beers and all bottled beers were suitable for vegans, with the exception of Mother McCleary.

The brewery filed for bankruptcy in November 2017.