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Rant Score, Lowestoft

William Youngman is listed as a brewer in 1839.

In 1855 William Youngman jnr. is listed as brewing in the High St.

In 1865 William Youngman is listed as a brewer, maltster & foreign wine & spirit merchant at Eagle brewery in Rants Score.

In 1912 Youngman, Preston & Co are listed as brewers at Eagle brewery (Rant score) with Benj. Preston

In 1916 Kelly's directory lists Eagle Brewery, Rant Score; 68 High St. & wine & spirit merchants, 26 London Rd. north & 133 London Rd. south, with Benj Preston as Brewer &c.

The Eagle Brewery owned by Youngman & Preston was acquired by Lacon & Co Ltd in 1919 and brewing had ceased by 1922.

Premises were resold to Charrington & Co Ltd and acquired by Birdseye Foods in circa 1960.

Eagle brewery shown on the 1905 OS map