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King's Head

King's Head

132 High Street, Bildeston IP7 7ED

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(01449) 741434

(01449) 741434

owner Nigel Fell

The King's Head has been brewing since 1996 (originally as Brett Vale) in the old cart lodge at the back of the pub. The plant was originally set-up by landlord, Kevin Harrison and is approximately five barrels in capacity. Brewers have included Jane Tester (now Kevin's wife).

Since April 2008 it has been owned and operated by Nigel Fell. Brewing usually takes place twice a week.

The brewery stages a beer festival in May every year where most of the 40 beers on offer are from other microbreweries round the country.

Six other pubs and many beer festivals are also supplied.

Core cask ales

  • Beerwitched (4.6%)
  • Bildeston Best (3.6%)
  • Blondie (4.1%)
  • Brettvale Ale (4.4%)
  • Brettvale Gold (3.6%)
  • Crowdie (5.0%)
  • Landlady (4.0%)