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Stutter & Gallant

Guildhall St, Bury St Edmunds

In 1823 Pigot's Directory Stutter & Gallard are listed as brewers (Guildhall st).

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Apr 1830 states that:

To be sold by auction, the remaining part of the extensive brewing plant of Messrs Stutter and Gallant, Bury St. Edmund's. Amongst this valuable property is a brewing copper which holds 60 barrels, horsepower malt mill, 3 wort pumps, nearly 200ft of lead pipe, 12 oak beer vats, of 300, 150, 100, and 60 barrels each; 60 puncheons, 60 hogsheads, 120 barrels, 80 kilderkins, and 90 firkin casks. Also a broad wheel wagon, 2 tumbrels, a tumbrel cart, 3beer drays, a beer truck; 4 bags of hops, malt screens, a dressing machine, chaff engine, large scales, sack and malt barrows, an assortment of Cooper's tools, and numerous outdoor effects. To be viewed at the malting in St. Andrew's Street.

Extract from the Ipswich Journal (edition dated 6th June, 1829, Page 3 paragraph 4).

Old established public brewery - Capital Maltings and extensive granaries, 10 public houses in the environs of Bury St Edmunds. Brewery in Guildhall Street, Bury St Edmunds.

The property of STUTTER & GALLANT

Also the following public houses in full trade with the benefit of being free houses.

1 The White Horse, Hawleigh - On the turnpike road from Bury to Stowmarket

2 Half Moon, Rattlesden, near Woolpit

3 Bells, Bardwell, near Ixworth with 6 acres of land

4 Cock, Stanton, on the turnpike road from Bury to Norwich + garden & cottage

5 Queens Head, Hawkedon, near Hartest

6 The late Wheatsheaf, Ouseden, near Newmarket, ??? & blacksmith's shop

7 Chequers, Enswell, near Mildenhall with 8 acres

8 Three Kings, Fornham All Saints, near Bury St Edmunds

9 George, Stanton, near Ixworth, on the road leading to Hopton, with 7 acres

10 Bull, Hargrave, near Bury with 7 acres

The White Horse, Badwell Ash, previously advertised with the above, has been disposed of by private contract.

(information supplied by Bob Mitchell)