13 Churchfield Road, Chilton CO10 2YA

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(01787) 311055

(01787) 311055

owner Heathpatch

The Mauldon family had originally started brewing in Sudbury by 1795. The White Horse Brewery (with 26 pubs) was subsequently bought by Greene King in 1958 and the brewery was closed (nothing changes!). It was re-opened by Peter Mauldon in 1982 and purchased by the Sims family in 2000. A new 30 barrel plant was built and after a hugely successful 19 years they retired and the business was bought by Heathpatch in September 2019. A local farming based company, with other commercial interests, it is hoped that barley and hops from their local farms can be used in beer production. Over 200 outlets are supplied together with their 3 pubs.

Core bottle-conditioned ales

  • Black Adder (5.3%)
  • Blackberry Porter (4.8%)
  • Silver Adder (4.2%)
  • Suffolk Pride (4.8%)