Foulsham, John

, Saxmundham

In 1839 and Pigot's 1830 directory John Foulsham is only listed as a maltster & spirit dealer.

In 1839 and Pigot's 1840 directory John Foulsham is listed as a brewer (& maltster).

In 1844 White's Directory John Foulsham (maltster) is listed as a brewer.

In 1855 White's Directory John Fordsham is listed as a brewer & malster.

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Oct 1855 states that :

To be sold by auction, at Saxmundham, part of the neat household furniture, good featherbeds, glass, earthenware, valuable dairy utensils, and a variety of useful indoor effects; also, an entire Brewing Plant, including 130 gallon copper, beer stands, good barrel, half barrel, and about 30 quarter barrel, and other casks; beer coolers, brewing tubs,, quantity of quart and pint stone bottles, etc., the property of Mr Jonathon Foulsham, who declines the brewing business.

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)