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Crisp, William

East Green, Southwold

In 1823 Pigot's Directory Wm. Crisp is listed as a brewer & merchant.

In 1830 Wm. Crisp is listed as a brewer & maltster.

In 1839 William Crisp is listed as a brewer and maltster (East Green).

1840 Pigot's Directory list William Crisp as a brewer in East Green and a maltster in West Green.

A report in the Ipswich Journal** on 30 Mar in 1844 states that :

Sale of William Crisp Esq, Deceased Southwold Brewery, in active trade (Full description); Lot 2 Kings Head (Southwold), with yard & stable at the back, now in the occupation of Mr John CRAWFORD; also Lot 3 The Griffin at Yoxford, for a term of 21 years (determinable at the the option of the tenant at 7 and 14 years) from 11th October, 1840 at an annual rent of £80. The house is now in the occupation of Mr Henry PORTER.

(** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)