Briant, Reynolds & Co

Bridge st, Bungay

In 1830 Pigot's Directory Briant, Reynolds & Co are listed as brewers in Bridge st.

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in July 1830 states that :

To be sold by auction on the premises in Bridge Street all the fixtures and utensils of the Bungay Brewery; comprising capital 980 gallon copper, 60in deep by 86in diameter; excellent 2in oak underdeck, 84in diameter by 40in deep, content 738 gallons, nearly new square 3in fir working back, 11ft 3in by 7ft 2in and 42in deep, content 1397 gallons; 2.5in fir cooler, 21.5ft long 10ft 4in wide and 8.5 in deep, contents 115 gallons per inch.; ditto, same length by 9ft 4in wide and 8.5in deep, content 93 gallons per inch, with capital oak joists; nearly new upper back of 2in fir, 10ft by 6ft 9in and 10in deep; two excellent lead pumps, 19 and 24ft long, with all the pump, copper and other stages, ladders and fixings; 2 capital oak stands, each by 9.5 ft deep, contents 57 and 45 barrels, with brass taps, bearers etc., about 30 pieces; upwards of 50 barrels and a quantity of half barrels; yeast troughs; barrel and piece heads, slades; and every other fitting. The whole are in excellent condition and well worthy the attention of any person wishing to erect an establishment of the kind.

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)