Catchpole & Co

Catchpole & Co

Foundation Street, Ipswich

Unicorn brewery

In 1839 Robert Paul is listed as a brewer (Foundation st)

A report in the Ipswich Journal*** on 09 Jul in 1842 states that :

Capital brewery with residence & inn attached and several well accustomed public houses to be sold at auction by Robert Garrod at the Great White Horse in Ipswich, on Fri 15 July 1842 at 12 (for 1 o'clock) in one lot.
The capital newly errected and compact brewery, situated in Foundation st, with the excellent and well arranged plant capable of brewing eight to ten thousand barrels annually; with a comfortable residence and an inn known by the sign of the Unicorn, attached, and the undermentioned well-accustomed public houses and licensed beer houses, viz:
The newly errected inn (or public house) called the Safe Harbour, situated in St Clements, Ipswich with dwelling house adjoining.
The Greyhound inn inn, situate in St Mathews, Ipswich with tenament adjoining.
The Crown inn, Ufford with orchards, garden and outbuilding attached.
The Horse & Groom inn inn, Melton near Woodbridge with the gardens, paddock and outbuildings.
The Angel inn, near the marketplace, Woodbridge with capital stablings & co.
The Bawdsey Ferry inn in Felixstowe with cottages adjoining.
The White Hart, near the marketplace, Stowmarket.
And the following Beer houses viz:
A newly-errected house in Cats Lane, Stowmarket in the occupation of Mr W Smith.
A newly-errected house, shop and premises with cottage adjoining, situate in Stonham, in the occupation of Mr Robert Farrow and his undertenants.
Also the unexpired terms in the leases of the undermentioned Public Houses viz:
The Bull public house, Pettaugh
Rose & Crown inn, Manningtree
Crooked Billet public house, near the new dock, St Peters, Ipswich
And in the following Beer Houses, viz:
Bell in Bury St, Stowmarket
Cups on the Bramford Rd, St Mathews st, Ipswich
The brewery is now in full trade, having in addition to the public houses attached to it a good private business and combined with wine and spirit trades which are very considerable...

In 1855 Ashton Blogg is listed as a brewer (Foundation st)

In 1865 Nathaniel Catchpole & Co are listed as brewers & wine & spirit merchants Unicorn brewery with William S Hutchinson as brewer.

In 1874 Nathaniel Catchpole & co are listed as brewers, Maltsters and wine & spirit merchants (Unicorn brewery) in Foundation st, with Nathaniel Catchpole (home in Whitton), and brewer William Hutchinson (N C& Co)

Notice is hereby given, that the partnership hitherto subsisting between Nathaniel Catchpole, William Hutchinson, Joseph Owen, and William Catchpole, in the trade or business of malsters, beer brewers, and wine and spirit merchants, at Ipswich, under the style of Catchpole and Company, is this day dissolved so far as regards the said William Hutchinson by having retired therefrom; and that the said trade or business will henceforward be carried on under the same style of Catchpole and Company, by the said Nathaniel Catchpole, Joseph Owen and William Catchpole. Dated, 30th day of November 1875.Ipswich Journal in Sep 1875**
The death was announced of Mr William Catchpole, a prominent member of the Unicorn brewery firm, who died at his residence in Foundation Street on Friday 4th September 1885, he would have celebrated his 67th birthday on the 5th. Mr catchpole had started life as a builder, subsequently he filled the office of tax collector, and on resigning that post joined his brother Nathaniel Catchpole, at the Unicorn brewery, which has since developed from a small business into a flourishing concern. Ipswich Journal, Sep 1885**

In 1888 Catchpole & Co are listed as brewers & wine & spirit merchants (Foundation st)

In 1900 Catchpole & Co are listed as brewers, maltsters & wine & spirit merchants (Foundation st)

On 1912 Catchpole & Co are listed as brewers, maltsters & wine & spirit merchants (Foundation st)

Owned by Catchpole & Co Ltd. (registered 1918) closed 1923.

Upon closure the estate of 56 local pubs was divided equally between Tollemache and Cobbold breweries.

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)

(*** historic newspaper information from John Martin)