A report in the Ipswich Journal*** on 20 May in 1812 states that :

The long-established Firm of TOOSEY & Co, Importers of Wines & Spirits & Beer Brewers at Ipswich...have taken Mr STAFFORD, late of Brockdish Hall, in Norfolk, into partnership under the Firm, TOOSEY, STAFFORD & TOOSEY

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Mar 1815 states that :

To be sold by auction on the premises of Toosey, Safford and Toosey the very valuable and newly erected plant of their ale and porter brewery; consisting of an excellent double motion horse power forcing pump, with 79ft of cast iron pipe of 4in bore. A capital malt mill, 10 ft wheel, with a pair of 3ft French stones, hopper and going gear complete; 3 coppers, mash tun, underdeck, 3 coolers, 2 squares, and several troughs; together with 17 sweet seasoned oak beer vats of various contents, from 25 to 200 barrels; 18 starting batches, about 200 beer barrels, sundry half barrels and firkins, 2 cart horses, 3 drays, and every necessary implement and utensil appertaining to a brewery. The above are well worth the attention of brewers, distillers, and tanners, being all in complete order, and will be sold without reserve, a dissolution of partnership being immediately to take place.

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Apr 1815 states that :

Joseph Toosey and Son, return sincere thanks to their numerous friends, for the favours confirmed upon them during their late co-partnership with Mr Safford, and beg to inform them, and the public in general, that the spirit and wine trade is continued at the old established warehouse, St Mathews Street, Ipswich, under the firm of Joseph Toosey and Son. By an unremitting attention to the desires of their friends, and particularly to the quality of their wines and spirits, they hope to receive a continuance of those favours which, for nearly 35 years, their house has so liberally experienced.

(** information from Stuart Ansell)

(*** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)