Studd, Halliday and Acton

, Ipswich

(St Peters parish)

A report in Ipswich Journal** dated 25 March 1811 announced that they have purchased a brewery in St. Peter parish Ipswich (late belonging to Robert Trotman). They were also dealers in coal, corn etc.

A report in Ipswich Journal** dated 6 April 1813 announced that they take over Mrs Ann King's wine business.

A report in Ipswich Journal** dated 1 March 1817 announced that they let the Cow and Gate near the quays.

A report in Ipswich Journal** dated 18 March 1826 announced that they let the New Wherry Inn near the common quay now in occupation of Mr. John Brown.

A report in Ipswich Journal** dated 23 Sept 1826 announced that they let The Golden Lion Harwich, Mr. Gayler tenant.

A report in Norwich and Bury Post** dated 21 Nov 1827 announced that John Acton late partner with Simon Halliday and Mary Studd lately residing in Calais declared bankrupt as follows:

1828 Studd, Halliday and Acton Brewery Ipswich For auction 20th June 1828 also wharf and following public houses -
Ipswich Golden Lion
Ipswich Kings Head
Ipswich Black Horse
Dwelling House, Maltings, wine vault in Foundation Street
A Brick Built dwelling house and premises [formerly The New Blue Posts] on the Woodbridge Road
and a moeity (one-half/joint tenants) of The Great White Horse Tavern
Aldeborough White Lion Inn
Harwich Swan
Harwich Golden Lion

A report in Ipswich Journal** June 28, 1828 announced that the Brewery and premises are described as:

"dwelling house with garden. frontage of 180 feet next College Street, a wharf 224 feet in length, Mill house and brewery over, tun room 4 store houses, wine vault, bottle house, and liqour warehouse" etc etc.

Brewery was bought by William Lines and John Fisher who put it up for sale on their bankruptcy in 1833 and 1834 when premises described as opposite St Peters church.

A report in the Ipswich Journal** on 11 Feb in 1836 announced that :

New Wherry Inn to be let immediately, situate near the Common Quay, Ipswich, enquire at Brewery of Studd, Halliday and Acton

Later owned for a while by Lines & Fisher

(** information supplied by Neil Langridge)