Turner, Charles

, Lavenham

A report in the Ipswich Journal** on 05 Oct in 1855 states that :

At Lavenham, all the household furniture, very superior & nearly-new Brewing Plant of 5 coombs steep, fitted up regardless of expense; 1000 gallons of very superior OLD BEER, malt mill etc etc, the property of Mr Chas. TURNER…In the Brew House, nearly new brewing copper, with furnace & lid, for 5 coombs, oak mash tub, with false bottom, gyre tub, wort tubs, copper jet, mash stirrer & hop strainer; In the Cellar, 1 store cask, 150 gallons, 6 ditto, 350 gallons each, 7 pipes, 3 two-hogshead casks, hogshead cask & 4 smaller casks. The casks have been made within the last 4 years by that very superior maker, Walby, Lavenham, and are of the best English Oak. The above will be sold without reserve, in consequence of the house being purchased for a private residence.

(** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)