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Tollemache Breweries Ltd

39 Upper Brook Street, Ipswich

In 1888 Lord Tollemache acquired the Upper Brook Street brewery from the interests of the late Charles Cullingham's estate. Charles Cullingham had set-up a Steam Brewery here in 1856.

In 1896 the Tollemache Brothers of Ipswich were acquired by Tollemache Ipswich Brewery Ltd together with 102 licensed pubs.

Various expansion deals were completed over the next 60 years by Tollemache Breweries e.g. Collier Brothers of Walthamstow (1920), half of Catchpole & Co (1923) and Star Brewery of Cambridge (1934) together with much sucess in the local Free Trade. The "bacchante" logo was much used by the brewery after a copy of the statue was purchased by Lord Tollemach in 1924 at the Paris Exhibition. The statue was probably created by Frederick William MacMonnies (US). The staute bought was reportedly intended for the front of the Felix hotel but we do not know if it was ever displayed there?

In 1958 the brewery merged with their rivals Cobbold & Co to become part of Tolly Cobbold and brewing on the Upper Brook Street site ended soon after.