St Nicholas

, Ipswich

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Feb 1815 states that :

To be sold by auction a valuable and exceedingly eligible freehold estate, called the St. Nicholas brewery, with capacious store rooms, malting office, mill house, barley chamber, and arched vault, advantageously situated near the market place and quay, in the large port town of Ipswich. A capital residence with coach house, stabling, and other offices, extensive garden, planted with a select assortment of wall and other trees, at the foot of which runs the River Gipping, commanding a beautiful prospect of the adjacent country. The brewery with all the offices, are erected upon an excellent plan, and the most improved system for the dispatch of business. The premises might, at an easy expense, be converted into a distillery, there being no establishment of that kind within 18 miles, and are equally desirable for, wine, spirit, corn, coal, or malting trade, which may be carried on to a great extent, or for any concern where a great space and convenience of water carriage is required. The whole is in complete repair, fit for immediate possession.
Any person desirous of embarking in business will rarely find so eligible situation, being in fine barley country, near good markets, convenient for the shipping trade to London, or any part of the continent.

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Dec 1815 states that :

To be sold by auction at the St Nicholas Brewery, a valuable assortment of brewing utensils, equal to new, and malting implements; comprising of a copper which holds 24 barrels, a capital 2in deal square or guile which holds 50 barrels, 3 capital 1.5 in deal beer coolers, first measures 16ft by 14ft; the second 18ft 4in by 13ft 3in; the third 24ft 3in by 18ft 4in; capital iron bound mash tun and underback to ditto, ditto starting ditto, with brass rollers, etc.; 3 capital deal stillion troughs, 3in thick and 15ft long, 2 capital jigging or forcing pumps, on 4ft and the other 6ft barrels; 5 beer vats, as good as new, hold 25 barrels each; also a capital horse power double motion forcing pump, with 30ft of pipe, complete, throws a barrel of liquor per minute, an excellent 2 in deal liquor back for the said pump, holds 80 barrels; capital barrel casks, half ditto, and firkins, various sized tubs, adapted for families, fit for immediate use; also various sized lead pipes, with brass cocks, in a perfect state, with a variety of other utensils. The malting effects consist of a most capital horse malt mill, with 3 pair of French stones, and going gears, complete; 1 hand ditto, ditto screens, bushels, riddles, etc., the whole to be sold without reserve, with a considerable quantity of building materials.

(** information from Stuart Ansell)