5 Falcon St, Ipswich

Falcon Brewery, Ipswich: Robert Bowman, impressed with gratitude, gratefully acknowledges the liberal favours he has received and assures friends and the public, that every attention shall be paid to supply them with Porter, Fine Ale, and Table Beer, of that excellent quality, and on such terms, as will ensure him a continuance of their liberal encouragement, which he has for nine years uniterruptedly experienced. N.B. Foreign and British spirits on the lowest terms. Ipswich Journal, Nov 1810**

The 1823 Pigot's Directory lists Robert Bowman as a brewer & wine & spirit merchant (Falcon St)

The 1839 Pigot's Directory lists Robert Bowman as a brewer in Falcon St.

The 1844 White's Directory lists Robert Bowman as a brewer in Falcon St.

The 1855 White's Directory lists Alfred Bowman as a brewer in Falcon St.

Auction of The Falcon Brewery Estate which in addition to the Brewery consisted of The Falcon Inn (adjoining the Brewery) & The Ipswich Arms (London Rd) and the Elephant & Castle (Handford Rd) in Ipswich, The Falcon (Benton St) at Hadleigh with 2 acres of meadow; The Tuns Inn (recently re-built) in Needham Market; The Crown Inn & Pleasure Gardens at Whitton & the Boot Inn at Freston with 4 & a half acres & farm buildings. Sale in consequence of the death of one of the partners.Ipswich Journal** 16 Sep (and 04 Nov) in 1854

The auction is also listed at Suffolk Archives Ref: HE402/1/1854/22

Falcon Brewery, Ipswich: John Hart Bridges, brewer, wine and spirit merchant, begs to announce that he has taken the above business, and having secured the services of an eminent London Brewer, he is enabled to supply an article of first class quality at the lowest possible prices. To private families J H B begs especially to recommend his very superior AK Pale Ale, in casks from 4.5 gallons, at 1s per gallon. Also, his Household Ale, 9d a gallon. Scotch and Burton Ales, Dublin Stout, in casks or bottled. Malt and hops, of the best quality, agent for Combe, Dellafield and Co celebrated London Stout and Porter.Ipswich Journal** in Nov 1855

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)

The Falcon Brewery, Ipswich, advertised 2 Beer Houses for letting. One, on Woodbridge Road, Ipswich & the other, in Ipswich Street, (Corner of Church Lane) Stowmarket.Ipswich Journal*** on 22 Jan in 1859

(*** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)

To be sold by auction, the brewing utensils, vats, casks, stock, etc., at the Falcon Brewery, Ipswich, the property of Mr Alfred Bowman, who has disposed of the business; comprising 16 oak vats, in good condition, containing each from 18 to 36 barrels; 100 barrel casks, 36 half barrel, ditto and smaller; 25 wine pipes, and numerous hogshead and puncheon casks; 7 spirit vats; 3 working stillions; 3 inch brass barrel pump with hoses; and roundway casks; copper filling kettles, and spirit measures, etc., and all the usual moveable utensils of the brewery and spirit stores; beer dray, chestnut cart gelding, etc.; also, the stock of beer, consisting of 160 barrels of fine Old Ale, and two pockets of Kent hops (1853). Also, a quantity of building materials, including seven new window frames and sashes, four 3inch lead pumps, carpenter's bench, bark mill, and miscellaneous effects.Ipswich Journal** in Jun 1855

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)

the Falcon Brewery Ipswich, Stores, Cross Keys, Colchester. Bridges and Cuthbert beg to call attention of the clergy, gentry, and public generally of Ipswich and its vicinity to their October brewing of the Ipswich AK Light Dinner Ale, which for brilliancy and delicacy of flavour is unsurpassed. Supplied in casks at 4.5, 9, 18 and 36 gallons, at 1s a gallon.Ipswich Journal** in Apr 1865

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)

In June 1866 registered as Bridges, Cuthbert & Co Ltd who also then acquired Cross Keys Brewery, Culver St, Colchester. Bankrupt in 1868.

Registered in Oct 1886 as Norfolk & Suffolk Brewery Co Ltd when Harwood & Co (Eye) was also acquired.

Name changed to the Colchester Brewing Company from July 1887 and Falcon brewery was closed.

Eventually acquired by Ind Coope in 1925.