Lower Orwell St, Ipswich

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Sep 1840 states :

To be sold by auction, by the instructions of Mr Snowling, who is retiring from business, the capital plant of his brewery in Lower Orwell Street, Ipswich; comprising a capital nearly new 160 gallon copper, with large tap and furnace; stout 5 barrel liquor back, with pipe; superior stout iron bound 5 coomb mash tub, with false bottom and cover; underback, 3 copper fastened cooling backs 8ft by 5ft each, the copper stage and brick belonging to the copper, 9 iron bound strong 3 barrel beer stands; hogshead, barrels, half barrels, firkins, truck, wort pump with brass valve, several broad staved ladders, 2 oak iron bound working backs, stillions; the building in the yard used as a brewery, with roof over copper; capital malt mill, with hopper, by Ransome; bushel and half bushel measures, carpenter's bench, chest, tools; 2 oak beams. Deal partition in tap room, 16ft by 6ft high, with glazed frame on the top; several brass beer taps, tin cans; quart, pint, half pint mugs; Quantity of sacks, several long forms, circular form with high back, round and square tables, mahogany beer waiter, excellent saccharometer in mahogany box, siphon, and other effects.

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)

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