The majority of pubs have now reopened after the latest lockdown, albeit still with restrictions. Many pubs currently have temporary trading hours; these are shown where known. We also show pubs we know have still not reopened as temporarily closed.

Please note that due to the pandemic currently being allowed to run out of control, many pubs are having to close temporarily due to staff or customers getting "pinged". Please check with the pubs if you plan to travel any distance.


Westgate St, Bury St Edmunds

A report in the Ipswich Journal*** on 03 Aug 1765 states : The Partnership of Messrs. William Cass and Waller Wright, Beer-Brewers of Bury St Edmunds is dissolved (on account of the death of William Cass - Waller Wright was continuing the Business)

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Aug 1800 states : To be sold by auction, part of the brewing utensils, and other effects, belonging to the extensive brewing office, late in the occupation of Messrs. Wrights, situated in Westgate Street, Bury St. Edmund's, consisting of a round mash vat, for 40 coomb of malt, and an underback of 25 barrels, 2 beer vats, one of 45 barrels, the other 42 barrels, a strong iron crane with brass puller, complete as fixed, an exceedingly good malt mill, with 2 pair of stones, beer pump and leather pipes, 60 hogsheads, 20 barrels, and 20 half barrels of strong beer, all brewed from old malt; also a cart gelding, and sundry implements of husbandry, consisting of 3 tumbrels, old wagon, quarter cart, 3 pair of cart trace, etc..