The majority of pubs have now reopened after the latest lockdown, albeit still with restrictions. Many pubs currently have temporary trading hours; these are shown where known. We also show pubs we know have still not reopened as temporarily closed.

Please note that due to the pandemic currently being allowed to run out of control, many pubs are having to close temporarily due to staff or customers getting "pinged". Please check with the pubs if you plan to travel any distance.

Extra services available here during the Covid-19 lockdown:

We offer a selection of ales from our catalogue each week with free delivery to Bildeston most days. We deliver to all other locations in our area for the weekend, normally Friday. Contact us if you need a different delivery arrangement. We don't currently offer collections from the brewery but will resume as soon as we are able.

Our weekly availability is listed on our order page


, Bildeston

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Cabin Brewery is a micro-brewery in the village of Bildeston that has been brewing since 2013. With Cabin ales on general sale since 2015, Cabin soon outgrew its original plant and the owner and brewer Chris Smith installed a 2 barrel plant in 2018. Cabin has seen a lot of interest and success at beer festivals including Camra in Bury, Maritime in Ipswich and other local events. You can try Cabin ales at a number of local real ale pubs, see the Cabin website for the catalogue and current outlets.

Core cask ales

  • Autumn Leaf (3.8%)
  • Chesn't (3.9%)
  • Gold Rush (4.0%)
  • INNspiration (5.0%)
  • Mark's Gold (4.0%)
  • Mary Celeste (4.5%)
  • Pete's Porter (4.2%)
  • Red Nek (4.3%)