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Sheldrake, John

, Framlingham

A report in the Ipswich Journal*** on 20 Feb 1768 states : Bankruptcy of John Sheldrake, Brewer of Framlingham...He was ordered to attend the House of William Payne, the Crown, in Framlingham.

A report in the Ipswich Journal*** on 4th June 1768 states : Sale by Auction of the Estate of the Bankrupt, John Sheldrake of Framlingham: Lot 1 All that Messuage or Dwelling-House, and Malting-Office of 25 Coombs steep, and sufficient Flooring to wet twice a Week, with a Brewing-Office which will brew 20 Barrels at once. Storehouses and other convenient Buildings, esteemed the most compleat Office in the County, with the Coppers, Utensils and Casks belonging thereto, late in the Occupation of the Bankrupt; also a Messuage, Tenement or Inn, called the White Hart, with the Back house, slaughter-house and Hogstye, in the Occupation of James Churchyard, Butcher.

Lot 2 The Interest and Terms of Years subsisting in Leases made to the Bankrupt for the following Drawing-Houses...the Three Horse-Shoes in Tannington, in the Occupation of John Smith, the Queen's Head at Hatcheston, in the Occupation of William Partridge, with two Pieces of Land, the Black Boy in Woodbridge, in the Occupation of Michael Taylor, and the White Horse in Rendham, in the Occupation of Samuel Folkard...

Lot 4 the Crown Inn, being a commodiuos and the largest and best accustom'd House in the Town (Framlingham), in the Occupation of Mr. William Payne, and also the Messuage, Tenement or Inn, call'd the Duck and Mallard, with the Buildings and Appurtenances, in the Occupation of Mr. Thomas Woods...

Lot 8 ...a Copyhold Messuage, Tenement or Inn, call'd the Chequer, in Wickham Market.