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Mr Bees

Searson's Farm, Cordys Ln, Trimley St Mary IP11 0UD

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07503 773630

07503 773630

owner Tim Berni

Mr Bees is a small brewery, set up in 2017 by beekeeper Tim Berni, to add to his business selling bee products.

The brewery plant is small, with a brew-length of only 400l and at the time of writing, Tim brews twice a week. The beer is brewed using East Anglian barley from Munton's, Nottingham yeast, English hops and a subtle hint of honey from Tim's 200 beehives.

Core cask ales

  • Bee Clipse (4.5%)
  • Beelightful (4.3%)
  • Best Bee-R (4.0%)
  • Black Bee (4.5%)
  • Pollen Power (3.8%)
  • Sun Turn (4.1%)