, Stonham Parva

A brewery called Ellen Brewery is listed in the 1841 census, which overlaps two properties William Pooley (Brewer, Ellen Brewery, Head/30/born Suffolk) and John Cuthbert (Brewer, Ellen Brewery, Head/46/born Suffolk)

The 1844 White's Directory lists John Hunt Cuthbert as a brewer and by the 1855 White's Directory was trading as Cuthbert & Sedgewick.

The 1865 Kelly Directory lists John Keen Sidgewick as a brewer at Stonham & spirit merchant (61 Westgate st, Ipswich)

An advert in the the Bury and Norwich Post*** on Tue, Mar 13 1866 for the sale of Stonham Brewery, also lists the 27 pubs then owned by the brewery as follows:

Barking Hare and Hounds (with 2 cottages)

Ipswich The Cups

Ipswich Three Jolly Sailors

Ipswich Defiance

Ipswich Star

Wickham Market George

Ashbocking Lord Nelson

Mendlesham The Brewers Arms (plus cottages and 5 acres)

Stowmarket/Stowupland Railway Tavern

Stowmarket/Stowupland White Hart

Stowmarket/Stowupland Pickerel

Copdock White Elms (plus 3 cottages)

Gislingham Prince of Wales (plus 3 cottages and 2 acres)

Stonham Aspal Royal Oak beerhouse

Stonham Parva Stonham Arms

Ipswich Grapes

Ipswich Ten Bells

Ipswich Marsh Tavern

Ipswich Victoria

Ipswich Norfolk Hotel

Ipswich Ferry

Combs Volunteer (and 5 cottages)

Kenton Crown

Hemingstone Hare & Hounds

Earl Stonham Shepherd and Dog

Needham Waggon (waggon and horses?)

Kesgrave Bell

(*** historic newspaper information from Neil Langridge)

The 1869 Kelly Directory lists John Keen Sidgewick as a brewer & spirit merchant (61 Westgate st, Ipswich)

A report in the Ipswich Journal** in Apr 1870 states that :

To be sold by auction the excellent brewery plant at the Stonham Brewery, near Needham Market. The sale to include mash tun, 8ft 10in diameter inside, 4ft 10in deep, with cover and cast iron false bottom, fitted with rake mashing machine, copper sparger, etc.; a cast iron boiling back, 6ft 2in by 7ft 7in by 6ft 6in deep; heater in same consisting of 12 (2.5in diameter) 6ft 6in long copper pipes, with brass flanges, ends, stuffing boxes, cocks, etc.; a hot liquor back, 6ft by 6ft 3in, by 6ft 3in fir and iron bolted; pair malt rolls, 15in diameter, 12in wide, driven by spur wheel and pinion, jacob's ladder and troughing for same, malt hopper and fittings; and excellent 3.5in 3-throw wort pump with brass barrels, copper rods, brass buckets, 3-throw crank, driving pulley, etc., in strong cast iron frame, dimensions overall 3ft by 2ft 6in by 7ft 6in high; wrought iron underback, 9ft 4in by 4ft 2in by 3ft 10in deep, with copper pan for end of suction pipe; Wilkin's 20 barrel refrigerator, consisting of eight 3in copper pipes, with nests of 17 tubes in each large pipe, cast iron ends, etc.; for working squares, two 9ft 7in by 8ft 9in by 6ft 3in with yeast boards and covers, and attemperators, consisting of 72ft 1.25in tinned copper pipe, eleven copper stays. Drain cocks, etc.; parachute, with about 7ft 3in pipe, funnel top, valve stuffing box to bottom of square, etc; two 8ft 4in by 8ft 6in by 7ft 2in ditto, with tinned copper, piping parachutes, etc.; about 700ft run of 1.5in to 3in tinned copper piping, 300ft run of 1.25 to 2in lead piping, and 300ft run of 0.5in to 2in iron piping with cocks, taps, etc.; cooler 24ft 2in by 17ft 7in of 3in sides, and 1.5in bottom, ditto 14ft by 7ft by 6.5in deep; 7 capital stillions of various lengths; 5in brass jigger pump, with copper air vessel and lever, for working by hand, if required, with connecting rods, etc.; a four inch hand copper jigger pump, with large air vessel; three 100 barrel oak vats, about 9ft high, with cocks and taps; nine 30 barrel oak vats, each 7ft 3in high with 1.5in vat cock and trial cock; two 20 barrel ditto, and three smaller ditto; 30 puncheon casks, three hogsheads, a large quantity of new barrels, kilderkins and firkins; Ransomes two knife, No. 7, chaff cutter; Biddell's patent oat and bean crusher, with driving pulleys, straps etc.

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)

John Goodwin is recorded in 1868 and by 1885 the premises were in use by EP Dawson & Co.

EP Dawson & Co was also listed in the 1874 White's Directory at 92, Corn Exchange, Ipswich (Corn merchants?).

A report in the Bury & Norwich Post*** on Jul-19 in 1892 lists Edwin Popplewell Dawson as a brewer & pub owner in dispute with his former tennants of the Stonham Parva Brewers Arms.

(*** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)

Brewing had ceased by 1892.