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Greene King

Greene King

Westgate Street, Bury St Edmunds IP33 1QT

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(01284) 763222

(01284) 763222

Greene King is by far the county's largest brewery. Its oft-stated foundation date of 1799 refers to when Benjamin Greene started brewing; Greene King, as such, didn't come into existence until Greene's brewery merged with that of Frederick King in 1887.

In recent years, they have taken over several other breweries such as Morland (including Ruddles), Rayments, Hardy & Hanson (closed 2006) and Ridley's (closed 2005). They also acquired Belhaven (in 2005) giving them a route into the Scottish market. Today a significant amount of the company's business and advertising is concentrated on major brands such as "Old Speckled Hen" and "Ruddles County".

The brewery has also acquired many pubs in recent years mostly outside East Anglia. Today the have a significant presence in London, Southern England, East Midlands, Central England and Southern Scotland. They also own many pubs further westwards. A total of over 2100 pubs are currently owned by the company with many trading under alternate brand names such as "Hungry Horse" and "Old English Inns". A large presence in the Free trade (over 3000 outlets) also helps to ensure a massive market for their beers although their presence in Suffolk is diminishing.

In August 2019 it was announced that the company had been sold to Hong Kong based CK Asset Holdings who also own, amongst other businesses, Superdrug and Three Mobile.

Reported by the first edition of the Good Beer Guide (published in 1974) as offering 'First rate beers too often spoilt by pressurisation.' Since then all of their outlets have removed the "top pressure" dispense taps and today most offer hand pumped real ale.

Core cask ales

  • Abbot (5.0%)
  • Abbot Reserve (6.5%)
  • Abbots Confession (8.5%)
  • Barmy Army Ale (3.7%)
  • Black IPA (4.5%)
  • Double Hop Monster (7.2%)
  • Escapade (4.0%)
  • Fireside (4.5%)
  • Heritage Ernest Hop Pale Ale (5.0%)
  • Heritage Suffolk Pale Ale (5.0%)
  • IPA (3.6%)
  • London Glory (4.0%)
  • Scrum Down (4.1%)
  • St Edmunds (4.2%)
  • Strong Suffolk (6.5%)
  • XX Mild (3.0%)
  • Yardbird (4.0%)