Christmas, Charles Frederick

Christmas, Charles Frederick

Camps Rd, Haverhill

The brewery was established in 1809 by Joseph Boreham. William Boreham is listed by 1865. Charles Frederick Christmas acquired the brewery from William Ward & Son in 1894 and continued to brew in the town until his death in 1918.

In 1912 F.C.Christmas & Co are listed as brewers.

F.C. Christmas & Co was subsequently acquired by Greene King in 1918 together with 49 pubs; brewing ceased in 1924. The 49 pubs were purchased by Greene King for £55,000.

The 1956 photograph shows, centre right, what were the brewery maltings. The brewery itself is over the road, opposite the white house in the centre of picture.

[The building with white panelling and roof feature in the top left of the photograph is another town brewery in Chauntry Road].

The brewery site on Camps Road is now used as a doctor's surgery.