Kings Head

Albion St, Newmarket

The 1844 + 1855 White's Directory lists Tyrell Moody as a local brewer.

The 1869 Kelly's directory lists the Kings Head brewery as being owned by Moody brothers, family brewers & wine, spirit, malt & hop merchants & maltsters.

The 1874 White's Directory lists Miss Harriet Moody as a brewer & wine & spirit & hop merchant (Kings Head brewery)

Charles F Moody's Kings Head brewery was sold in 1896 and acquired by Greene King & Sons Ltd - who resold the brewery to CWB Bosworth (Miss Moody's long term manager) who sold the equipment on again.

A brewery is shown at this approximate location on the 1902 OS map. Albion Street would have run slightly south-east the line of the present Fred Archer Way.