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Old Heath, Nayland

Reported as having been "at the Butts behind the churcn". It can be seen on this old OS map of about the end of the 19th century (larger map). Although it's been demolished, its outline can still be seen on aerial photos.

old OS map

Operated by various members of the Cuddon family from before 1844.

In 1844 Mary ?? and Mrs Susan ?? are listed as brewers & maltsters.

The 1855 White's Directory lists James Cudden as a brewer & maltster.

In 1865 James Cuddon is listed as a brewer.

In 1869 Cuddon & co are listed as brewers

The 1874 White's Directory lists Samuel Thomas & Philip Cuddon as brewers & maltsters.

In 1912 Thomas Cuddon is listed as a brewer & maltster

Closure in 1918, when it was sold along with 10 pubs for £7000 to the Colchester Brewing Co Ltd.

Brewery has since been demolished.