Tacon, Richard & Charles

Lambseth St, Eye

In 1839 and 1840 Pigot's Directories list Richard & Charles Tacon as brewers in Lambseth Street.

In 1844 White's Directory Richard Tacon & Co (Lambeth St) are listed as brewers.

In 1861 census at Lambseth St is listed Charles Tacon/56y/Brewer employing 10 men/Hinton , Suffolk

Listed in the 1874 edition of White's Directory.

In 1881 census at Mansion House (Lambseth St)

Charles Tacon/Widow/78/Brewer/Kirton,Suffolk

Thomas Hy. Tacon/Married/42 /Brewer/Eye,Suffolk

Kate E. Tacon/Wife/35/Occold,Suffolk