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A limited amount of this information is also available via our Twitter feeds - see the menu.

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Current pub news includes

  • General news about Suffolk pubs & breweries.
  • News about CAMRA in Suffolk.
  • Ipswich Real Ale Runabout schedules.
  • News about this website: changes to the way it works, new features, etc.
  • Forthcoming local beer festivals.
  • Pub news
    • Pubs that have closed.
    • Pubs that have re-opened (or are expected to do so soon).
    • Pubs with new photographs.
    • Pubs that have stopped selling Cask Ale.
    • Former keg-only pubs now selling Cask Ale.
    • Pubs where other details have changed.

Historical news includes

  • News about any research of particular interest that we've been doing.
  • Newly discovered historical pubs.
  • Old pubs whose location we've managed to locate.
  • Old pubs with new photographs.
  • Old pubs with updated information.

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