Eyke is a small village close to the former Bentwaters airbase. Nearby is Staverton park which has over 4000 medieval oak trees and may be from where the village's Scandinavian name derived.

A post mill was erected near White Woman's Road in about 1800; it worked until about 1904 and was mostly demolished in 1910, though some remains can still be seen.

Butley Airfield was a Royal Flying Corps base in Eyke between 1916 and 1919.

RAF Bentwaters was a major airbase for over 40 years, only closing in 1993. Named after a house that once stood on the site of the main runway, construction started from late 1942 but due to delays was not completed until May 1944. Not immediately required by the USAF, it was handed back to the RAF who used it first for conversion to Mustang IIIs in December 1944. Later some conversion Squadrons became operational from here until May 1945. One of their last missions was to escort bombers to attack an SS HQ near Berchtesgaden (Hitler's former Eagle's Nest). From March 1951 until 1993 the base was continuously occupied by the USAF and was home to various F86 (Sabre), F84 (Thunderstreak), F101 (Voodoo), F4 (Phantom) and A10 (Thunderbolt) fighter aircraft.




Information from "Suffolk Airfields in WW2" by Graham Smith and Wikipedia.

Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record