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Foxhall is a spread-out parish with no obvious core settlement, though probably most of its population live along the Bucklesham Road. Most people either pass through it on the main road or railway line between Ipswich and Felixstowe, or if they stop it's probably either at the speedway stadium or Trinity Park (formerly the Suffolk Showground). There is a fair amount of heathland in the parish, which was recorded in Domesday as "Foxehola".

Signs of possible Palaeolithic occupation have been found near Foxhall Stadium. All Saints Church stood north of Mill River; it was in ruins by the mid-16th century. In 1530, Foxhall became an ecclesiastical hamlet to Brightwell.


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The 1844 White's Directory lists a beer house run by William Brown.

The 1874 White's Directory lists a beer house run by Henry Bunnett.

The 1888 Kelly's Directory lists James Spurling as a beer retailer.

The 1892 Kelly's Directory lists Hannah Spurling as a beer retailer (also listed as a tobacconist).

The 1900 Kelly's Directory lists David Brown as a beer retailer. (off only).

The 1904 Woodbridge licensing record David Brown having an off-sales only beerhouse license.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.