Great Thurlow



Great Thurlow is a large, quiet village to the north of Haverhill, recorded in Domesday (along with Little Thurlow) as "Tridlauua", "Tritlawa" or "Thrillauura". It appears on John Speed's 1610 map as "Thurlow mag".

The River Stour rises near Weston Colville, just a few miles away and flows for 80 miles to Harwich.

Great Thurlow Hall dates from the 18th century. An old smock mill stands off the Withersfield Road; it probably dates from 1807 and worked until 1937 (using steam from 1915). St James Hospital was founded by Richard II in 1398; it was dissolved in 1414 and no remains are believed to remain.


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The 1841 census lists Robert Farrow as a beer seller in Thurlow Street. (Head/70y/born Suffolk).

The 1844 White's Directory lists Robert Farrow as a beer house keeper.

The 1891-92 White's Directory lists Frederick Deeks as a beer house keeper (also listed as a brick layer).

The 1911 census lists Jane Wootten as a brewer, innkeeper & maltster, Melton House, (Head/Widow/75/born Melton Mobray, Leicestershire), with Frederick Wootten as manager of brewery, (Son/Single/37/born Great Thurlow). Melton House is on Withersfield Rd. to the west of the village…


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.