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Photo from Homersfield

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Population (2011) of Homersfield: 158.

Local licensing authority for Homersfield is East Suffolk.

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About Homersfield

Also known as St Mary South Elmham, Homersfield is a picturesque and peaceful village grouped around a green. It was recorded in Domesday as "Humbresfelda". Many of the houses are old and some thatched. The old bridge, which crosses the Waveney was constructed by Messrs. Philips for the Flixton estates in 1869-70 (it was restored in the 1990s). Just 50 feet long, its architect was Henry Eyton and its composite construction from wrought iron, concrete and cast iron make it the oldest concrete bridge in the country. It is listed as a Grade II monument. Today it is only used by pedestrians and cyclists. Each face of the bridge bears a cast iron shield displaying the "bloody hand" of the Adair family, late of Flixton Hall.

Roman pottery kilns have been excavated locally.

A local community bus scheme, started in 1979, is said to have been the first in the country.

An interesting wooden obelisk by the A143 (see the gallery) bears the inscription, "I dreamed of a beautiful woman who carried me away".