Kesgrave is a predominantly modern settlement on the eastern fringe of Ipswich, recorded in Domesday as "Gressegrava". John Speed's 1610 map shows the village as "Keſgraue".

Dobb's grave is the final resting place of an 18th century shepherd who committed suicide, and can be seen on the parish boundary. Grange Farm is a huge modern extension to the original settlement.

Kesgrave has grown from almost nothing to one of Suffolk's largest towns in only a few decades. The 1909 Rates Book lists only 24 properties, six of which were only land!

Ropes Drive is named after Squadron Leader Michael Rope, assistant chief designer of the R101, who died when it crashed at Beauvois in 1930.

The 1904 OS map appears to show another inn immediately to the south of the Bell. This is almost certainly an error, but if you can confirm or refute this, please let us know.


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