Market Weston

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Closed brewery (post-1970)

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Population (2011) of Market Weston: 245.

Local licensing authority for Market Weston is West Suffolk.

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About Market Weston

A pleasant village near the source of the Little Ouse, recorded in Domesday as "Westuna". Today there is no trace of a local market. Market Weston Fen is an excellent surviving example of valley fenland and is owned by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust. Old Chimneys brewery has been operating in the village since 1995.

Nothing now remains of Weston Hall, an ancient hall which stood on the west of Hall Plantation. A Roman pottery kiln has been unearthed at Hillside Farm.

The date 1263 on the village sign refers to the year it was granted its market charter.

The village has been referred to in the past as Weston Market; it's been seen with this name in the Norfolk Chronicle in 1783.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.