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Population (2011) of Mendlesham: 1407.

Local licensing authority for Mendlesham is Mid Suffolk.

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About Mendlesham

A village recorded in Domesday as "Menlessam" and shown on John Speed's 1610 map as "Mendle?ham", with many fine buildings and an outstanding church. Above the north porch is the remarkable town armoury, which has housed the armour of the town soldiers since the 1590s. Several local parishioners were executed in the 16th century for their religious beliefs. Other church features include a 15th century effigy of a man in full plate armour, medieval benches and the 18th century "Mendlesham" chairs. A grant of market charter in 1281 is remembered in the name of Old Market street. A large stone can still be seen here, sometimes called the Preaching stone (see the gallery). The ITV TV mast was built in 1959 with 405 line TV broadcasting beginning on 27th October 1959. Ironically though, despite being universally known as the Mendlesham mast, it's actually in Wetheringsett.

Mill Road marks the location of Kent's Mill, a post mill which was demolished in 1913.

Mendlesham Station was on the Mid-Suffolk Line (Middy) which ran from Haughley to Laxfield. The station opened in September 1908 and closed in July 1952.

Also see Mendlesham Green.

RAF Mendlesham was built during 1942-43 just to the east of A140 and close to Wetherup Street. It was initially home to three Czech squadrons - 310, 312 and 313 - all flying Spitfires here from December 1943. By April 1944, B24 planes of 34th US Bomb Group were based here. In 3 months they flew 62 missions until they were converted to B17s which they then flew from here until August 1945. In a unique service record they actually lost more aircraft to accidental damage (39) than in operations (34). After the war the old technical area of the airfield became used as an industrial park close to A140.

As with the "Mendlesham" mast, Mendlesham airfield was actually in Wetheringsett; rumours suggest it was designated as Mendlesham as it was thought US airmen would struggle to pronounce Wetheringsett, which might cause problems.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.

Some details from "Suffolk Airfields in WW2" by Graham Smith.