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The name means "oak copse" attesting to the fact that the land here was well wooded before being converted to an agricultural prairie. Occold was recorded in Domesday as "Acolt" and appears on John Speed's 1610 map as "Ockold".

Mill Road marks the location of a six storey, six sailed smock mill, apparently moved from Eye in about 1860. It was demolished soon after falling in to disuse in 1921, though the base remains.


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The 1844 White's Directory also lists 2 beer houses run by Samuel Blomfield (& wheelwright) and Eli Hunt.

The 1851 Census also lists Eli Hunt (Beerhouse, Street, Head/Married/67/born Occold)

The 1855 White's Directory also lists a beer house run by William Hunt (& tailor) & Eli.

The 1865 Kelly's Directory also lists James Capon (& tailor & farmer) as a beer retailer.

The 1874 White's Directory also lists E. B. Capon as a beer retailer (& farmer).

The 1888 Kelly's Directory also lists Edwin Benjamin Capon as a beer retailer (& assistant overseer & tax collector).…


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.