Old Newton


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A winner of the Best Kept Village competition. The name suggests that it was originally an off-shoot from an older settlement at Dagworth, which is now a tiny hamlet.

Old Newton was recorded in Domesday variously as "Newetona", "Neutuna" and "Nieutuna".

The 870 Battle of Stonebridge was fought between Danes and Saxons in the area of Stonebridge Lane.

According to local records, commercial hop growing started in England in Dagworth. Hop fields were recorded (and taxed) in the 17th century but by the early 19th century the industry had generally moved elsewhere - principally to Kent and Herefordshire. Wild hops can still be found in several local hedgerows.

Dagworth was the site of a Domesday church half owned by Breme, who was killed at the Battle of Hastings.


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In 1855 White's Directory George Grimwood (Dagworth) and Thomas Grimwood are both listed as beer house keepers.