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Population (2011) of Blaxhall: 194.

Local licensing authority for Blaxhall is East Suffolk.

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About Blaxhall

Blaxhall is a tiny village on coastal heathlands, part of which are now a nature reserve run by Suffolk Wildlife Trust. There's a bronze age barrow on the heath. Blaxhall was recorded in Domesday as "Blachessala".

The "Blaxhall Stone" (on Stone Farm in Station Road) is a five tonne piece of sandstone, from a parent mass in Spilsby in Lincolnshire, which was deposited here by glaciers in the Ice Age some 150 000 years ago. Local legend claims that the stone grows; probably based on the understandable lack of understanding of glacial erratics in the past.

The Blaxhall Stone

Said to have been ploughed up in the 19th century when no bigger than two fists, thrown down by the ploughman where it now stands, it has been growing ever since.

sign outside Stone Farm

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