Rushmere St Andrew

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A sprawling parish on the eastern outskirts of Ipswich, encompassing various housing estates, a more traditional village centre with a duck pond and heathland which is now used mainly as a golf course. Recorded in Domesday as "Ryscemara".

The village has two village signs, one in the old village and another in the new estate (see gallery).

Work started on a new pub on the corner of Bent Lane and Woodbridge Road shortly after WW2, but work was curtailed after the cellar had been dug. This was probably to have been the Tollgate Inn (the tollgate on the turnpike was at this location) for which Cobbold's were granted a license in 1939. Though strangely (if this was the Tollgate) the license was still recorded as active in the Ipswich licensing records at least as late as 1948.

A late Bronze Age cemetery was found on Rushmere Common (in the 19th century?)

Due to boundary changes, the Britannia (demolished and replaced in 1910 by the Lattice Barn in Ipswich) was formerly listed as being in Rushmere parish. Similarly, the Greyhound (afterwards called the Garland in Ipswich) was also once listed in Rushmere parish.…



The 1861 Census also lists Thomas Baker (Innkeeper, pub not named, Head/Married/45/born Rushmere) and William Aldous (Innkeeper, pub not named, Head/Married/33/born Framlingham)

The 1865 Kelly's Directory also lists John Goodwin as a beer retailer.

The 1891-92 White's Diretory also lists James Nichols as a beer retailer (& market gardener).

The 1904 Woodbridge licensing record shows Laura Nichols holding an off-sales only beerhouse license.

The 1911 Census also lists Alfred Mann (Market Gardener, not publican, The Beerhouse, not named, Head/Married/40/born Rushmere St Andrew) with Charlotte Mann (…


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.